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John Patterson has been a carpenter for over  thirty years.  He began his career in high school advanced woodworking class.  He moved to Colorado in 1987 to enjoy the clean waters and sunshine.  He has been researching and implementing sustainable living methods since the 1970's.  He has worked on commercial and residential building projects throughout Colorado's Front Range. 

 In 1997, he designed and built his own off-the-grid home complete with a solar generating electricity plant.  In 2011 he completed the City of Fort Colllins Green Code courses which provided specialized training in ressidential building envelope, commercial building commisioning and fenestration installation.  In 2012 John successfully completed "Building with Hemp" course taught by the industry leader Steve Allin.  And in 2014, Steve Allin visited Colorado where John was part of the team to build one of the first hemp structures in Colorado.

Building homes and commercial structures that meet our needs for healthy living (by using no toxic chemicals) and help to save our planet by using materials and methods with the smallest carbon footprint possible is John's passion.

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